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Our Services
Joint Ventures India

Joint ventures India

Our Joint Venture Services in Bangalore - India

  • We are management consultants for joint ventures , mergers and acquisition services in India.
  • We assist corporate and venture capitalist in feasibility study for various segments.
  • We provide due diligence service for corporates for various purposes of corporate investments, mergers, and acquisition.  
  • We draft joint-venture agreements ,assistance during takeover ,merger and acquisition .
  • Assists in change management during and post acquisition and merger scenario.   
  • We provide management information system (MIS) in post acquisition scenario.
  • We ensure corporate all legal compliances during & post mergers and acquisition.  
  • We are associated and assist ,recommend other professionals service required for mergers and acquisition.
  • Other professional services required for mergers are Advocates, company secretary, valuers, cost accountants. We have in house para of professional to conclude any size of transactions of mergers and acquisition.
  • Assist in accounting  during & post mergers and acquisition scenario.
  • Assist in systematic change management services during and post mergers.
  • Ensures all legal compliances for mergers. 
  • Our management consulting and due dilligence services  for joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions can be provided for corporate in any segment.
  • Tax consulting and advisory for joint ventures , mergers and acquisitions.
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